Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm Back...Again

My lack of posts for the past month and two days has been due to another computer failure. But since I haven't had enough cash handy lately, it's had to wait until now to be fixed. Luckily, I've kept notes of things to include in my catch-up post. But I am now, officially, back on the map. Well, unless my computer should decide to go wrong again.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Keep your posts coming, as I love reading this. I can relate to ALL of it - from the kiosk to the customer service desk, the tannoy and the drunks and tramps and all those stupid questions customers have to ask.

On the CSD I was told by a customer who "Thought i'd want to know" that someone is stealing trolleys and dumping them outside of her house. When I asked where this was, she refused to say, telling me she did not want to get anyone into trouble. And then when I was like "OK then, apologies for that, but there is not a lot we can do with so little information. Perhaps you should contact the police if they're obstructing any roads and dumping things" she went berserk that I wasn't taking her seriously.

Jeez. What does she expect you to do if she won't even say where they are or if it's even that branch of the supermarket in question!!!

pooky225 said...

Welcome back i was wondering where you had got to!!!!

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to more tales or madness and mayhem from Food Place!

AggressiveAdmin said...

Thanks very much :) Nice to know I'm missed and glad that you can relate to the things I blog about.