Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fame at Last

Well, hardly. I was mentioned in the Guardian's blog roll. Big thanks to Al for pointing this out to me as I hadn't noticed - I actually read the Guardian on that day too! It was only a small mention, but in the three days since there's been an extra 100 visits per day. Not bad. So, to any new readers, welcome and I hope you enjoy what I've got to say about working at Food Place.

Which isn't a great deal at the moment...

The most boring week ever?
Perhaps it's because I'm not spending much time there recently, but Food Place has been such a dull place over the past week. The customers have all been perfectly well behaved, none of my colleagues have got on my nerves - though that's definitely got a lot to do with spending less time in their company - and Food Place haven't moved the shop around or installed new equipment.

To add to this tedium, I haven't had any stressful days. I've gone to work, got on with my daily tasks and routines, gone home again. No staff sickness, no workload of fiddly, time-consuming admin tasks that everybody else considers themselves too important to do. Even the wages were a doddle this week - not one person forgot to swipe and virtually everybody worked their flat contract - no overtime to process at all. Hitherto unheard of. I know I don't like stress when I'm experiencing it, but it does, at least, give me something to blog about.

So, no crack (as we say in these parts).

Time Management
You may recall my post that dealt with the new, and extremely unfair, attendance management system that Food Place is introducing across all of its stores next month (here). I'm pleased to announce that my prediction was, predictably, correct. There was mass-outrage and a never-ending stream of hypothetical scenarios were put forward by store managers that rubbished the system. What if there's a queue at the swipe machine? What if somebody is late for a genuine reason? What if somebody is at work on time, but is harassed by a customer en route to the swipe machine?

As a result of this, Food Place have backed down on the original proposal to force staff to swipe at very precise 15 minute intervals. We will now have a three-minute leeway. So if we swipe at twenty-seven minutes past, we'll be paid until half past.

A result.


Genevieve said...

I found this Blog in the Guardian's blog roll, and I love it. It's utterly hilarious, and brilliant :-)

And I'm amazed. Common sense prevailed this time, it seems.

Juliet said...

Hi, me too, and ditto. Fascinating, intelligent and thought-provoking. (Your employers must LOVE it!!) I've just given you a mention on mine. Best of luck with your studies, and look forward to future posting with eager anticipation.

AggressiveAdmin said...

Thanks for the comments :) Glad I've got some new readers on board. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the posts flowing - they might not be as detailed, but anything is something.

I don't see why my employers would have a problem to be perfectly honest. I've never said anything that puts them in a bad light.

Al said...

I'm glad to hear that Food Place have actually seen sense and relaxed that particular rule a bit. Sounds a lot like the system we use (which I detailed in the comments of the relevant post).

I didn't read it in the Guardian, another blog I read regularly made it too so I was looking at what was written about that one when I saw yours.

This is one of the better written work blogs that don't reveal the employer. When everyone knows who you work for you naturally have to be careful what you write but when they don't it can be very easy to write inappropriately. I know I have fallen into that trap on more than one occasion and stopped myself in time on many more.

My employer either hasn't found me yet or don't care enough to do anything.

AggressiveAdmin said...

It's not so much my employer discovering this blog that worries me, because I've laid enough diversions to prevent them from ever pinning it down, it's the fear of my colleagues discovering this.

Naturally, I haven't used any real names, but there's a lot of details that would give things away. I just have visions of blog entries printed out and pasted all over the store with the heading "What's been written about you on the internet!"

Unlikely, but a scary thought.

pooky225 said...

I love reading your blog, i was wondering where you had hidden yourself.Glad to see your back in the land of the living!

James UK said...

Top banana on the Guardian mention! And glad too that FP canned (like the pun?) the new hours system. ;-)