Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First Day Back

Well the offices have been repainted. Lime Green. LIME GREEN. The dirty, evil...actually it doesn't look half as bad as it sounds. Gives the place a bit of zing. We've also had some new equipment installed in the cash office such as a filing cabinet (wooh!), a small lock-box for bulk change (wooh!) and a new fax machine (you should be green with envy now). About time too, as the old one ceased to function about four years ago.

The customers today have actually been quite pleasant. Typical. Just when you set up a blog specially to complain about the nasty ones, they go elsewhere. There was one vaguely snotty person who was unable to locate milk. The fact that they were wandering around, looking lost, in the laundry aisle might have contributed to their plight.

Freda found a new variety of sausages and conducted her usual show-and-tell. "Oooooh, they've got garlic and herb in!" Just...wow!

Sandra had one of her, fairly commonplace, rants about how much she dislikes living in our area. She moved from Slough last year. Slough. How can anybody come away from Slough and moan about their new location? She doesn't like the people; she doesn't like the way we talk; she doesn't like our demeanor; she thinks we're all 'ignorant' (of what? I always want to ask). Shame she isn't going to do us all a favour and go back.


Al said...

Lime green? Is that supposed to be conducive to productivity then, or is it supposed to give you a headache so you spend less time in there?

Still at least it's better than the dirty white we get in the offices and corridoors. We even have cream patches where they painted aroung long since removed signs and notice boards last time round.

AggressiveAdmin said...

Oh it's a John Wayne job, just like all the other times our store has been painted. They even painted round a poster in the training room!

I think the idea with the lime green is to get us to spend less time in the offices - there's a big push on staff getting out onto the shop floor at the moment.